Clark Lowery & LumpkinALWAYS PREPARED !

We were fortunate to engage Ms. Lowery via referral from a friend the day after our daughter was shocked to learn her now ex-husband had filed for divorce and had made a number of baseless claims and accusations. From the first meeting Ms. Lowery was attentive and understanding and gave her a strong sense she had someone truly at her side.

This was more than just a divorce case, as he made a number of false claims and accusations, including to DFCS ; even though false, these could be devastating to a young mother. Ms. Lowery was a source of strength and confidence for her throughout.

He eventually had engaged three different attorneys and there were over a half dozen mediations and court hearings over a years’ time. Our daughter ended up with primary custody of her child and reasonable child support and alimony as well as having the several charges and allegations being found unsubstantiated and/or dismissed.

He ended up with, among other things, being found in contempt of court on two charges.

As the review title indicates, the most significant of Ms. Lowery’s several attributes seems to be her preparation. The first scheduled court hearing, regarding a trumped up protective order request, did not occur, as when the opposing counsel got a sense of how and what Ms. Lowery was prepared to present before the Judge, he immediately advised his client to agree to a Temporary Consent Order which dropped the false TPO charges and established our daughter as having primary custody of her child.

In the following mediation, prior to the scheduled divorce hearing, a reasonable Agreement was reached which , among other things, confirmed our daughter as having primary custody as well as reasonable child support and alimony and reasonable visitation rights for him. The successful mediation, which was our preferred solution, was in large part possible because of their apparent reluctance to face Ms. Lowery before the Judge.

Unfortunately his later behavior necessitated contempt filings, which did go before the Judge and resulted in two findings of his being in contempt. It was also evident during this hearing Ms. Lowery was very well prepared; this was noted and commented on by several court observers. In fact, one of HIS witnesses stated ” If I am ever in trouble, I want her [ Ms. Lowery ] as my Attorney” .

His subsequent frivolous appeal, with his now third attorney, of one of the contempt charges was denied. In the following mediation, pending a third contempt, his ‘mid-town’ attorney , as others before him, seemed , at best, less than confident confronting someone so obviously and simply better prepared than was he. A reasonable, hopefully final, agreement was reached, and another expensive, in time and money, court hearing avoided.

If and when anyone asks for an Attorney referral, especially regarding family law issues, they will get ONE, Ms. Lowery.