Professional & kind

Clark Lowery & LumpkinProfessional & kind

I was referred to Cherese by a co-worker who had gone thru a divorce. I called her & after my phone consultation, i retained her. i found her to be very knowledgeable, professional & unlike my previous attorney, she can be reached or she responds quickly to my emails. she is also very kind & has a loving personality. i had my pre-trial & after that she advised me that I needed to add funds to her retainer. I advised her that I was out of money & can’t retain her. she filed to withdraw from my case, but when I went to my 2nd pre-trial, she actually called me to check on me because she knew I had no attorney. when she found out about a certain situation she actually filed a couple of motions for me to get me out of a jury trial. she then asked me to stop by her office where after we talked, I was able to retain her again at a lower price. she is a lifesaver. thanks Cherese