Superior attorney with stellar service!

Clark Lowery & LumpkinSuperior attorney with stellar service!

If you want to protect what you have and get what you deserve out of your divorce, then trust me this is the attorney you want and need. I started out in my divorce proceedings and was expected to receive little or nothing from it. But after hiring Naomi, she changed all of that. I have full time custody of my daughter with child support and alimony for life! I was definitely not expecting that, but thank goodness I received it. This lady is nothing to play with, she is familiar with all the laws in Georgia including military divorces. I highly recommend her and would use her again, but that’s is not likely because I learned my lesson this time. You want to win and get the best divorce lawyers in the state of Georgia, then hire Clark, Lowery, and Lumpkin, LLC law firm. You will be too happy in the end!!! I am giving her 5 stars!! I am not being endorsed to write this review, this is strictly voluntarily.