The best in Atlanta !

Clark Lowery & LumpkinThe best in Atlanta !

March 2016 I hired Cherese for two cases that were brought up against me from my spouse baby mama .The first case was a TPO and that was dismiss due to social worker no finding anything. The second was criminal and it was dismiss I was very nervous because I have never been thru this before . Cherese had my back to whole time, any time I emailed and called she answer . Cherese is a beast a with it and she knows her craft. Very confident, personable, and caring person that the thing I like most about her. When you hire her for whatever case Cherese makes sure she pulls out all the stops . Cherese stomps very hard in Fulton Co. the first time she told me that I was like “okay” , that’s the truth . Don’t let the heels and the smile fool you .

Thanks again for everything it was such a pleasure .