Satisfied Client

I needed a lawyer for a contempt of court case I was dealing with against my daughter’s mother. She had prevented me from seeing my daughter and I was at my wits end as to how to procede and get my parental rights, to be involved in my daughter’s life. The emotional strain was stressing both my family and I to no end. Then I found Clark, Lowery, and Lumpkin. The professionalism and dedication this law firm has showed me and my family really helped me get through and eventually win my case. My ex had made some serious allegations to prevent me from seeing my daughter. There were times over the year long process, I wanted to give up because my ex was with holding all visitation until the case was resolved in final court. Jeannine kept giving me faith, always reminding me what the eventual goal was, to see my daughter and secured me several visitations even before the final hearing. I can honestly say that without my family or Jeannine’s constant support I may have given up, but I’m glad I saw it through, I won my case and got everything I wanted in court.

Former Client


I have had the most wonderful opportunity to work with Ms. Cherese Clark on my TPO/child custody case which I am very pleased with the outcome. She is an outstanding attorney of excellence, professionalism, and determination. She really cares about her clients and their cause, especially pertaining to domestic violence. I look forward to continuing to work with Ms. Clark, and will definitely recommend her to others. Thanks Cherese Clark you are an outstanding attorney indeed!

Former Client

I had the privilege of having Naomi Lumpkin

I had the privilege of having Naomi Lumpkin take on my case at the end of 2016 which concluded August 2017. Her firm came highly recommended by another law firm. Naomi demonstrated a thorough understanding of Georgia family law and how it applied to my case. She was able to help me with a difficult situation and guide me through the legal way of handling it. She did this with understanding and knowledge to achieve the best outcome for me and my daughter. I felt comfortable with Mrs. Lumpkin. No matter how many questions I asked, I did not have to worry or follow up on any question as no question was left unanswered. I was treated with respect and compassion when discussing my case as if I were family. The last lingering issues, after mediation, were child support and co-parenting. Both were resolved beyond my expectations and we can finally move forward with our lives. I highly recommend Naomi Lumpkin to be your next family law attorney. If I ever need a family law attorney again, there is no question as to who it will be… no one else but Naomi Lumpkin again for sure. She’s awesome and the best!

Former Client

It’s Over and We Prevailed

Mrs. Lumpkin took over my case a little over a year after it was filed, Due to delay on the opposing counsel part it took almost another year to finalize. Mrs. Lumpkin is straight forward when she steps into the court room, she not about trying to manipulate the situation she just wants you to get what’s fair for you and that’s what she did for me.

I’m “PERMANETLY” Satisfied.

Thank You Mrs. Naomi Lumpkin

Former Client


Jeannine just emailed me my Final Divorce Decree, and I finally have a huge burden lifted from me. My ex-wife was trying to get $10,000/month in alimony for 10 years, and the judge awarded her $0/month in alimony with a very fair division of assets. My attorney’s fees were very reasonable with very detailed and professional invoices. I know she couldn’t have charged me for many of the hours she spent preparing for trial and the trial itself. The bills were much lower than I expected.

I have personally worked with over 50 attorneys in metro Atlanta over the last 20 years. Many of these attorneys were in very large firms and now are partners in their own firms. Several of my best attorneys referred me to Jeannine. She is extremely gifted in her entire “big picture” approach to her case. She analyzes both sides of the case exhaustively for strengths and weaknesses so you can overcome or minimize most of your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths, especially for trial. She prepares you and herself well on both offense and defensive sides of the trial process. Communication with her is very prompt, concise and detailed. I felt totally prepared by her for each step of the way through the entire divorce process of mediation and especially for trial.

Most attorneys are not actually very good at trial. Jeannine has tried many cases so she is extremely gifted and very comfortable with trial cases. The order of evidence and organization of evidence presented at trial was perfect. Her line of questioning and train of thought is very engaging in the court room and thus people followed her very logical line of reasoning very well. Judges and jurors are people too who are more likely to follow a good line of questioning and reasoning with a highly intelligent and engaging attorney. Her superior questioning techniques enabled her to ensnare my ex-wife in many lies that very well might not have been exposed if asked in a different order and disposition by another attorney. This caused my ex-wife to lose a lot of credibility with the judge of which I believe led to a much more favorable judgement on my behalf.

Jeannine is also what we football lovers call a “gamer.” On the day of trial her preparation and confidence shined with her “game face.” She was really ready for “go time”- trial which made me feel much more ready and confident through my part of the court proceedings. She did an excellent job of telling my story and presenting evidence in a more impactful and palatable way. I did some things before trial that hurt my case, and she was able to prepare me for what we needed to do to rehabilitate my case and overcome these issues in mediation and court.

Jeannine is also a very pleasant, personable and enjoyable person which makes the entire process much more bearable in a what has been the most unbearable event of my life. Overall, I am very glad I was referred to her and am personally recommending her to many top attorney firms and my friends. Make sure you talk to her before you hire a divorce attorney. You’ll be glad you did, and then you will also enjoy the opportunity of writing an excellent reference for Jeannine like me. I’m sure.

Former Client

Fantastic Attorney, hands down!!

I hired Cherese 6 months ago. She is very intuitive, a very knowledgeable and, compassionate attorney. A real go getter. I appreciate how she takes the time to explain legal matters and how she gets the job done.

Former Client

Superior attorney with stellar service!

If you want to protect what you have and get what you deserve out of your divorce, then trust me this is the attorney you want and need. I started out in my divorce proceedings and was expected to receive little or nothing from it. But after hiring Naomi, she changed all of that. I have full time custody of my daughter with child support and alimony for life! I was definitely not expecting that, but thank goodness I received it. This lady is nothing to play with, she is familiar with all the laws in Georgia including military divorces. I highly recommend her and would use her again, but that’s is not likely because I learned my lesson this time. You want to win and get the best divorce lawyers in the state of Georgia, then hire Clark, Lowery, and Lumpkin, LLC law firm. You will be too happy in the end!!! I am giving her 5 stars!! I am not being endorsed to write this review, this is strictly voluntarily.

Former Client

The best legal representation you can find for family law

I am so thankful to have been represented by Jeannine. My ex-husband tried to sue me for contempt of court charges that were ridiculous. In the past, he had been successful in reducing his child support to the minimum. Jeannine was able to more than double my child support and all contempt charges were dropped. My ex-husband now knows if he’s going to mess with me, he has to deal with Jeannine. I highly recommend her – she’s a fine lawyer and a good person.

Former Client

Very thorough and knowledgeable

To say that I am impressed with my attorney, Cherese Clark, is an understatement. She has handled my case with exceptional professionalism and diligence. During the hearing, I couldn’t believe how much she had absorbed all of the pieces of the case (text messages, emails,pictures, research from the internet, etc) and presented them to the judge. Not to mention her extensive knowledge of the law and the statutes that applied in my case. She made sure I understood each statue, motion, brief, order, etc, which made me feel really comfortable and secure. Her approach was comprehensive and thorough. It obviously showed because the judge awarded me all of attorney’s fees. I truly feel that I was represented in a way that I would want any of my family members or friends represented in court.

Former Client

One of Atlanta great-young lawyer

Ms. Lumpkim represents me on a case against probably the worst court in state Georgia (Douglasville). She is very knowledgeable of the laws, and she’s very professional. I would recommend Ms Lumpkin to anyone. She rocks!

Former Client

Excellent results

I wasn’t sure if I needed an attorney or not for my case. A friend strongly suggested I consult with one before blindly heading into court. I contacted Jeannine Lowry she met with me and helped me prepare my case. She is brilliant. I could not have hired a more prepared competent person to go to bat for me. She helped me with a domestic situation involving my child. I highly recommend her. I am pleased with the outcome of my case.

Former Client

Powerhouse Attorney wrapped in Class!

Cherese Clark, undoubtedly is one of the best Family Law Attorneys in the state of Georgia. Mrs. Clark’s reputation and expertise precede her. I was in desperate need of a very skilled attorney to handle an immediate unforeseen custody case and she came highly recommended. I reached out to Mrs. Clark at 8am on a Saturday morning, through email, detailing my dilemma. I prayed that I would get a response by Monday morning. To my surprise, Mrs. Clark, responded to my email that same morning ensuring me that everything would be fine. She began on my case immediately and gave me step by step directions to what I needed to do next. There are not enough words to describe Mrs. Clark, she is caring, passionate, thorough, professional, confident, personable, no nonsense, very knowledgeable, well prepared, unparalleled, compassionate, but most of all a master of her craft. She kept me encouraged throughout the whole process evening when I was falling apart. Needless to say, she won my case. I will forever be grateful to Mrs. Clark for the outstanding job and service she provided to me and my family. Attorney Cherese Clark is truly amazing and she will fight for you as if she was fighting for herself. I definitely recommend Mrs. Clark for any of your Family Law needs, she is a God send!

To God be the Glory!

Former Client

Family Law’s Finest

Naomi is an excellent attorney who not only knows the relevant law like the back of her hand, but knows the various idiosyncrasies of navigating through judicial systems in various Georgia counties, which often proves to be just as important as having a firm handle on the law. She is passionate about her work and demonstrates compassion for her clients who often come to her during some of life’s most difficult moments. If you are facing a family law issue such as divorce, child custody, child support, adoption or anything of the like and you want an attorney who is hard working, honest, knowledgeable and results driven, Naomi Lumpkin is definitely the one to call.

Former Client

Capable, competent, caring.

Ms. Lowery was very caring and responsive, never appearing to get irritated with my frequent requests. She kept me in the know, and her team worked well together to handle matters in a timely & efficient manner. I feel like the advice she gave me regarding my situation was accurate and fair and demonstrated an understanding of my specific situation.

Former Client

Cherese Chantell Clark

Cherese was a huge help in my divorce. She was professional, showed empathy and handled all inquiries in a timely fashion. I would recommend anyone with a simple uncontested divorce or a complicated divorce to utilize Cherese.

Former Client

Excellent Attorney

Naomi Kemper Lumpkin has the qualities of an exceptional lawyer: she is sharp, knowledgeable, reasonable, and most importantly: she makes good decisions and she can size up a case. Your case will be in good hands and she will work in your best interest. If you have a family law problem, you want her on your side.

Former Client

She is the one you can count on!

Ms. Jeannine not just meet my goal but did better than I expected. she even solved a very complicated issue to protect my right ! she’s not only a knowledgeble and professional lawyer but also very honest and dedicated , I could just rely on her.

Former Client

Cherese is awesome

Cherese did an amazing job of helping me with my case. I think where she specifically excels is with how she helped me understand all my options and explained the different outcomes. She really helped me understand my case and then did an excellent job of representing me.

Former Client

Very competent, capable and a consummate professional

Jeannine did a great job from beginning to end. I had no clue how the divorce process worked, and she did a great job ramping up my knowledge on the subject very quickly. She developed a solid strategy early on minimizing overall cost as a result of her seasoned style and approach. Throughout the divorce process, we were thrown some very unique challenges, and she did an amazing job overcoming these hurdles. While I was the defendant/respondent in the case, she maintained a subtle offensive style exhibiting a strong command throughout. She is clearly admired and respected by those in the legal system (judges, attorneys, etc.) which is attributed to the level of professionalism that she brings to her job each day.

Former Client

Family Court Attorney Review

Naomi Kemper Lumpkin helped me in a very trying family court case that had been ongoing for me for several years. When I was referred to Naomi Lumpkin, I didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised by our meeting, she was intuitive, and listened to my concerns with a very patient ear. On the day of my trial, Naomi Lumpkin fought for my rights, provided me with a voice in the court room, and put an end to a case by winning it and reuniting me with my son. I would most definitely recommend her services, she is excellent.

Former Client

The Legal Lioness

First off I need to express my heartfelt appreciation to Ms.Clark and to the Manely team for their hard won efforts in my case. Ms.Clark has demonstrated that she is without a doubt very TENACIOUS, SKILLED, and exercises an attention to detail that grants her, what can be nothing short of sheer PROWESS in this judicial arena. When you have placed your case in her hands, my only suggestion is to stand back and let her work, and you will find an attorney that is more than capable of gaining the result.

It has been wondrous to see her in litigation, and you cannot help but to observe that she is someone, that is operating in the realm of their calling in this life. It is my challenge anyone reading this review to show me another attorney of equal Licensed years in this practice that is of the same caliber as Ms. Clark.

The Manely Team truly knows how to enshrine their Firm with talented professionals

Former Client

Jeannine Lowery

Jeannine was my lawyer for my divorce. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to have had her as my lawyer. She worked tirelessly through two grueling meditations to achieve my settlement. Jeannine was supportive and professional though out the whole process. At the end of this I’m happy to say that I adore her and my ex husband doesn’t. Thank you Jeannine!

Former Client

Recommend Naomi Kemper Lumpkin

I had a difficult situation because my former lawyer -different firm- had totally dropped the ball. The opposing counsel was sly like a fox and attempting to milk the situation and his client was not willing to negotiate. Ms. Lumpkin was knowledgeable, strategic, and provided sound advice on pros and cons while soliciting my input in the decision making. She was very well prepared in court. In the end, we prevailed on the point of law. I hope I never need an attorney again, but I would use her again if I needed one.

Former Client

Knowledgeable and Confident

Cherese Clark is a born advocate. She prepares you for the journey that you are about to take in the world of child advocacy and litigation. She makes sure that you, the client gets involved and are aware of your rights. She is not intimidated by opposition. Opposition makes her fight harder. Her confidence shines through in the courtroom. She has great trial preparation skills and uses them all to the advantage of her client. Her handling of our family matter has given us success in round 1 and the energy for round 2.

Former Client

Great Lawyer

I cannot thank Ms Lowery enough. A case came up and I need a lawyer very quick. She jumped in and took charge and then an amazing job. She took a very difficult situation and turned it into a great outcome. I could never thank her enough, and would highly recommend her.

Former Client

Excellent Service

I wholeheartedly write this review on behalf of attorney Lumpkin. She was born to assist families through legal issues. She has a passion for ensuring satisfactory results for her clients! She listens and provides her clients with sound legal advice. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross and will not hesitate to use her services in the future.

Former Client

Thank you, Cherese!

Cherese made my divorce and simple and smooth as possible. Along with her team, my concerns (emails, phone calls, etc.) were always addressed in a timely and professional manner. She demonstrated confidence and knowledge throughout my time in working with her. Cherese made me feel comfortable and calm from day one. Again…thank you, Cherese!!!

Former Client

Excellent Divorce Attorney

Jeannine Lowery was my divorce attorney in the early part of 2015 and I could not be happier with her excellent services. She is extremely capable and calming during a stressful time. She is very strategic and had my future financial best interests at heart when I did not have strength to worry about it due to overwhelming stress. During the mediation process, she was quick thinking and financially agile and had great rapport with the mediator. I recommend her to everyone I meet who might be considering divorce or have any other family law matters that they need resolved!

Former Client

I’m very pleased with Ms. Lumpkin.

We are still in the process of pursuing custody of my children, but Ms. Lumpkin has been very attentive to both mine, and my children’s needs. She has been wonderful when it comes to explaining the judicial process. Custody issues after a divorce is not something that most people have extensive knowledge about when a change in custody is pursued, so Ms. Lumpkin being willing and able to explain by putting things in “layman’s terms” has been so helpful to me. Any case is stressful, but her knowledge and personal communication style has helped relieve much of that stress for me, and my children. Since the beginning of this process she has been with us every step of the way and is very determined to succeed on our behalf.

Former Client

Clark Kent in Heels.

Very well prepared today.

Quite detailed.

Her questions to me, as well as cross of the defendant, clearly outlined the dilemma my son & I have experienced.

I HIGHLY recommend Cherese Clark as a family law attorney.

Former Client