Cherese, and I have been good friends for a while. I moved to Atlanta some years ago and remembered her process of mastering her Bar exam. She was always a smart/hard worker. With many many obstacles thrown her way, she passed the Bar while taking care of her beautiful daughter. Time passed and I got wind that she started her own firm with partners. “Clark Lowery Lumpkin” I was extremely proud of her!!!

I was married for a short period of time and unfortunately it came to an end. Like most, divorces are not easy and can be very emotional. I tried the uncontested process by attempting to file on my own. However, my spouse wanted many changes done which made the process even more difficult and expensive. In addition she didn’t want to help financially. Cherese was aware of my process and made sure I knew she’d be there for me without pressure. I eventually said “enough is enough, I want my peace and for this process to be done”. Cherese answered my call, set an appointment and handled business immediately. She took all necessary information the same day within little time and “made things happen!” She took care of 85% of the process within hours. She then submitted the papers and I left out of the office feeling relieved.

While waiting for the papers to be reviewed by the courts, issues began to arise between my spouse and I. Cherese then became a counselor by providing words of uplift. She also interceded to make sure important property was back in my possession. Cherese kept me in the loop of things throughout the entire process. She also implemented her partners/team into my process to show a family environment.

About a month later, I received my divorce decree. At that moment, all I could do was smile, thank God, and thank Cherese! Lol.

Great friend, confidant, and AWESOME ATTORNEY!!!!
Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks and THANKS!!! Lol