Jeannine just emailed me my Final Divorce Decree, and I finally have a huge burden lifted from me. My ex-wife was trying to get $10,000/month in alimony for 10 years, and the judge awarded her $0/month in alimony with a very fair division of assets. My attorney’s fees were very reasonable with very detailed and professional invoices. I know she couldn’t have charged me for many of the hours she spent preparing for trial and the trial itself. The bills were much lower than I expected.

I have personally worked with over 50 attorneys in metro Atlanta over the last 20 years. Many of these attorneys were in very large firms and now are partners in their own firms. Several of my best attorneys referred me to Jeannine. She is extremely gifted in her entire “big picture” approach to her case. She analyzes both sides of the case exhaustively for strengths and weaknesses so you can overcome or minimize most of your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths, especially for trial. She prepares you and herself well on both offense and defensive sides of the trial process. Communication with her is very prompt, concise and detailed. I felt totally prepared by her for each step of the way through the entire divorce process of mediation and especially for trial.

Most attorneys are not actually very good at trial. Jeannine has tried many cases so she is extremely gifted and very comfortable with trial cases. The order of evidence and organization of evidence presented at trial was perfect. Her line of questioning and train of thought is very engaging in the court room and thus people followed her very logical line of reasoning very well. Judges and jurors are people too who are more likely to follow a good line of questioning and reasoning with a highly intelligent and engaging attorney. Her superior questioning techniques enabled her to ensnare my ex-wife in many lies that very well might not have been exposed if asked in a different order and disposition by another attorney. This caused my ex-wife to lose a lot of credibility with the judge of which I believe led to a much more favorable judgement on my behalf.

Jeannine is also what we football lovers call a “gamer.” On the day of trial her preparation and confidence shined with her “game face.” She was really ready for “go time”- trial which made me feel much more ready and confident through my part of the court proceedings. She did an excellent job of telling my story and presenting evidence in a more impactful and palatable way. I did some things before trial that hurt my case, and she was able to prepare me for what we needed to do to rehabilitate my case and overcome these issues in mediation and court.

Jeannine is also a very pleasant, personable and enjoyable person which makes the entire process much more bearable in a what has been the most unbearable event of my life. Overall, I am very glad I was referred to her and am personally recommending her to many top attorney firms and my friends. Make sure you talk to her before you hire a divorce attorney. You’ll be glad you did, and then you will also enjoy the opportunity of writing an excellent reference for Jeannine like me. I’m sure.