I had the privilege of having Naomi Lumpkin

Clark Lowery & LumpkinI had the privilege of having Naomi Lumpkin

I had the privilege of having Naomi Lumpkin take on my case at the end of 2016 which concluded August 2017. Her firm came highly recommended by another law firm. Naomi demonstrated a thorough understanding of Georgia family law and how it applied to my case. She was able to help me with a difficult situation and guide me through the legal way of handling it. She did this with understanding and knowledge to achieve the best outcome for me and my daughter. I felt comfortable with Mrs. Lumpkin. No matter how many questions I asked, I did not have to worry or follow up on any question as no question was left unanswered. I was treated with respect and compassion when discussing my case as if I were family. The last lingering issues, after mediation, were child support and co-parenting. Both were resolved beyond my expectations and we can finally move forward with our lives. I highly recommend Naomi Lumpkin to be your next family law attorney. If I ever need a family law attorney again, there is no question as to who it will be… no one else but Naomi Lumpkin again for sure. She’s awesome and the best!