Satisfied Client

Clark Lowery & LumpkinSatisfied Client

I needed a lawyer for a contempt of court case I was dealing with against my daughter’s mother. She had prevented me from seeing my daughter and I was at my wits end as to how to procede and get my parental rights, to be involved in my daughter’s life. The emotional strain was stressing both my family and I to no end. Then I found Clark, Lowery, and Lumpkin. The professionalism and dedication this law firm has showed me and my family really helped me get through and eventually win my case. My ex had made some serious allegations to prevent me from seeing my daughter. There were times over the year long process, I wanted to give up because my ex was with holding all visitation until the case was resolved in final court. Jeannine kept giving me faith, always reminding me what the eventual goal was, to see my daughter and secured me several visitations even before the final hearing. I can honestly say that without my family or Jeannine’s constant support I may have given up, but I’m glad I saw it through, I won my case and got everything I wanted in court.